Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Tasty Shafts (Oishii Bou ga 2hon)

This game differs from most novels hentaynyh that there exists only one female character. In this game tells the story of a young Japanese schoolgirl (very cute, but hesitant girls), who proposed to meet the twin Kyouichi and Reiji ... But beyond hentai, hentai and Hentai again!

"Want to walk with me?"

asked simultaneously two twins Kyouichi and Reiji

For the indecisive Mitsuna, it was too hard choice - I can not choose between you ... "

"Well, then you will meet with both of us?"

For them it was the beginning of a new life, a life in which they enjoy that do everything together ... including sex.

* Voice: Japanese

* Text: Englisch

* Filehoster: DepositFiles

* Size: 715 MB

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