Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal

Castle Fantasia 2 is a turn-based tactical RPG, with extensive visual novel-like story intermission scenes. The Castle Fantasia 2: Renewal re-release includes high-resolution CG images, voice acting for all text spoken by the characters in-game and CD audio music.

The tactical RPG portions of the game are in the standard "All player units do their actions, then all enemy units do their actions" format. Units are laid out on a grid of squares. At most one unit may occupy a square, and each unit faces one of the four sides. Each unit may move and change facing once per turn, and may also do an action: either attack, defend, cast a magic spell, perform a limit attack or perform an "Ougi(Special)" attack. The units may move and do actions in any order, and may interleave their moves and actions. Each units have a certain amount of HP and LP. Attacks reduce the enemy's HP, and attacking the side or the back of enemies causes extra damage. Attacking, defending and being attacked increases the LP. When the LP meter is full, the unit can perform a Limit attack, which does extra damage, or an "Ougi" attack, which does extra damage and can target multiple enemies. A unit also gains experience when attacking and eliminating enemy units. With sufficient experience, a unit will gain a level, increasing attack and defense. Spellcasters may learn new spells at each level, and characters can also learn their "Ougi" attack.

During the intermission scenes, the player controls the actions of Hewie, and is given choices for Hewie's actions. The consequences of these actions affect Hewie's relationship with the other characters, potentially unlocking a romantic relationship with some characters.

* Voice: Japanese
* Text: Englisch
* Filehoster: DepositFiles
* Size: 800 MB


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