Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Chastity: Rocked #0-4

Teenage wanna-be actress turned vampire, Chastity Marks foils an assassination in the midst of the commotion of a punk revival concert in present-day Los Angeles. During the attack, she recognizes an assailant’s tattoo as the kanji of an ancient Oriental vampire named Jade. This powerful vampire-sorceress has vowed to destroy her should they meet again. As painful memories of her first encounter with Jade flood her mind she realizes her very existence is threatened. To ensure her survival, Chastity must relive her traumatic battles with Jade to unearth the secret that will defeat her nemesis, but the truth is she would rather be acting. Primarily set in 1980, this mini-series is a wild ride through the New York City punk scene filled with rock, spiked hair, troubled romance, and the problem of auditioning for Broadway when supernatural Yakuza want blood!

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