Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Kango Shicyauzo 2 Is the Sorority House Burning (I'm Gonna Nurse You 2)

Eiji Nakamura's central life philosophy is to show kindness towards women. Not
so much because he's a benevolent soul, but because sweetness and flattery is
his best strategy to get them into bed. And amassing conquests is his main
goal thus far in life. Of course, this pursuit gets him into both personal and
professional trouble. In fact, sleeping with the wrong girl has forced him to
flee from Rome back to Japan, and the Church was more than willing to send him
away because of his misconduct. Yes, the Church; Eiji is a PRIEST!

When the womanizing father returns to Japan, he stumbles into the post of his
lifetime. He's installed as the priest at the St. Michael's Nursing School,
which mean he'll be surrounded by young, pretty girls. He'll even be living
with them in the dorm. Just think, he's supposed to be their moral compass and
protect them from threats, like a sneaky panty thief. Somehow, I think the
students are in more danger now...

Who he terrorizes is up to you. Kango Shicyauzo 2 is a command selection
adventure game with multiple endings. The decisions you make throughout the
game determine if Eiji finds romance at the school. Even if you manage to
secure the affections of a particular girl, you have to make sure to find all
those special scenes. Good luck!
* Voice: Japanese
* Text: Englisch
* Filehoster: DepositFiles
* Size: 1,5 GB 3 Parts

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