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Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel #1-5 of 5

The story begins with Lex staring at a building he's in the process of constructing from LexCorp, where he sits on his desk and has a casual conversation with the cleaner, Stanislaw Levin. Next a scantily clad woman by the name of Mona enters the room and begins to brief Lex on the information she's collected on Superman, which consists of blurry photographs. Lex expresses his thoughts of Superman being a threat, while Mona argues that no-one else believes that, which causes Lex to strengthen his resolve and claim that's the reason why he's so dangerous.

Next Lex receives a phone call from a Mr. Orr, claiming that they have retrieved a doctor from somewhere near Chechnya and Lex gets his agent to kill his kidnappers and then tells the doctor that his research will be for the benefit of all mankind, a big hint of things to come in the following issues.

Finally, Lex is talking to recorded images of Superman, voicing his qualms about the self-appointed saviour until they disappear to reveal Superman floating outside the window. He continues talking unperturbed and states that the reason he despises Superman is because he embodies the end of the potential, achievements and dreams of the human race.

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