Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

The Sandman Presents: Love Street #1-3 of 3

In late 1960s London, a teenaged John Constantine becomes entangled with a group of occultist friends living on Love Street. Constantine’s chance encounter with a new friend, Ollie, and their involvement with a beautiful young girl named Pamela, eventually lead the friends to an occult garden party that is somehow related to Morpheus the Dream King’s imprisonment in the Waking World.
Now as an adult, Ollie is haunted by dreams of terrible events from the past. Pamela’s final fate in the present once again draws together the adult Ollie and Constantine, as they try to understand and defeat, the demonic forces that possessed their friend in the 1960s.
This three-issue mini-series provides a fascinating glimpse of Hellblazer’s John Constantine as a young boy, at a time when he was still just building his knowledge of the arcane.


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