Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Sensei 2

A fantastic example of some of the most erotic bishoujo love-sim action from Japan, get ready for Sensei 2 from G-Collections!
Growing up in the same household... A sudden parting and an unexpected reunion, of the natural love between experience and innocence.
A teacher and student... An invisible wall separates them.
She suddenly confesses her truth: "I'm engaged to be married..."
Finally, he realizes the depths of his yearning for her, moving around inside him like a tangible thing. He hears the voice inside him, crying out to possess her.
The warning bells ring. But by then it is far too late...

Sensei 2 is a novel style multiple ending adventure game. You play the interactive game by moving through the game story and making choices that affect the outcome of the story, allowing for many different potential endings and excellent replay value. The game features the original Japanese voices along with an accurate English translation. This game is 100% uncensored, too, for full enjoyment of the erotic interactive story.

* Voice: Japanese
* Text: Englisch
* Filehoster: DepositFiles
* Size: 665
MB 7 Parts

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